My name is Nicharee “Arty ”Sawartsoot
Originally from Bangkok, Thailand
Now studying in Communication Design  
                              Chulalongkorn University


Facebook : entryh
Instagram : entry_h

Feb 2017 : Exhibitor of “CommDe x Taipei exhibition”
Mar 2017 : Exhibitor of "Female Voices in Comics Art" at the BACC
Dec 2017 : Assistant team of Common Fest : Decoration
Mar 2018 : Tribute comics on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of
friendship between Thailand and Belgium
Aug 2018 : Illustrator of Ruen Thai 2018 edition : Ruenthylenol
Sep 2018 : Self-publisher of “Will: Wishes collection” zine in Bangkok Art book fair
Oct 2018 : Participant of International Design workshop with Shih Chien University

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