A flower form the abyss

Colour pencil on paper

Short comic pages about a girl who live in deep abyss.
One day she found a flower and wants to be friend with him,
she tries to touch it but it keep refusing until she feels rejected.
She begins to cry while her tearsturned into falling meteor, killing the flower in process.

Later, the girl saw that the flowerhas gone, so she began to search for it in the deep abyss,
which she found the dead flower in the water. She tried to find the way to revive it back,
then she realize that there is still a way.
The girl tears her chest up, then put the dead flower inside her chest in order to revive it.

Consequently, she feels something is moving inside her body which turned out to be the parisitic flower,
trying to take over her body. The girl recognized that it is the flower that she had been looking for,
she feel relieved that it is still alive then they leave together into the darkness.

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